1-How to register in the system and submit articles? Full details of how to make online submissions can be found in the “ Guide for Authors”

Full details of how to make online submissions can be found in the “ Guide for Authors”.

2-What is the policy of accessing articles in this Journal ?

open access

3-How to submit articles to this journal?

Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically by using This Journal   online submission and review web site (https://jopp.gau.ac.ir). This site will guide authors stepwise through the submission process.

4-How should the manuscripts be prepared for the submission to this Journal ?

To prepare the final version of an article for its publication, please see "Guide for Authors" section. It is essential to observe all the tips and style sheets provided in this section.

5-What policy will be followed if the principles and rules of preparing the manuscript are not followed?

If the rules and regulations provided in the "Guide for Authors" section are not applied , the manuscript will not be reviewed.

6-What is the peer review process of manuscripts submitted to this Journal?

Please refer to the Journal’s Peer Review Process.

7-Does the Journal accept notes and short articles?


8-What will happen if there is a non-compliance with the ethical principles of publication by the authors?

Be aware that non-compliance with publication ethics will result in the withdrawal of your paper and authors will enter a black list and will be unable to make future submissions to the Journal. Additionally, the authors’  affiliated institutions  will be notified of the misconduct and unethical behavior.

9-What is the policy This Journal in case of plagiarism?

Please be informed that journal takes plagiarism very seriously, and if any type of plagiarism is noted and proven, the manuscript will be withdrawn from the publication process. If the plagiarism is encountered after the article is published, an explanatory notification will be published about the case in the following Issue, and the article will be removed from the online archive of the Journal. Moreover, authors submitting plagiarized materials will enter a black list and the affiliated institutions will be notified of the plagiarism.

10-Who is responsible for submitting and keeping track of a manuscript in the publication process?

The corresponding author is the one to whom all the correspondences (queries, revisions, etc.) are sent. The corresponding author coordinates the manuscript, cover letter, editor and reviewers’ suggestions, and later, responses to editors and reviewers.

11-Is it mandatory to sign a license agreement?

Yes, the corresponding author should give the license agreement to all the co-authors and gather their signatures. This form must be sent to the office of the Journal after the article is accepted to be published.

12-What can be done if ones forget their password?

Select "Sign In" bottom on the top menu of the home page of the journal, then you can select "I forget the password" option. If it did not work you can contact the expert of the Journal.